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Smile Shapers

Smile Shapers Dental Clinic brings together talented dentists in Richmond who are experienced in, and passionate about general dentistry and orthodontics for patients of all ages. We will work together with you to help you achieve the best oral health possible. The highest standard of dental care is important to you, and our dentists strive to provide the best. With a comprehensive list of services and treatment plans for every patient, your optimal dental health has never been more attainable. In the event of dental emergencies, we make every effort to care for you as soon as possible

Dr. Amin Shirvani

Invisalign Vancouver Provider


Dr. Shirvani, the founder of SmileBC and ClearAssist, began his career as a general dentist upon obtaining a DDS degree in 2003. He started to practice orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and family in Vancouver and Calgary with a focus on Invisalign treatments. In 2017, he started his own practices in Vancouver and became a Platinum Invisalign provider in 2020. He runs two clear aligner study clubs in Vancouver since 2019.
Dr. Shirvani has been following his passion for computer science and digital dentistry and that led him to developing educational tools to increase the productivity and efficiency of clear aligner treatments in general dental practices.

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