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Dentist in British Columbia

Quality Dental Care – Minus the Overhead


Making Dentistry Accessible

Are you hiding your smile? A less than perfect smile can make people feel embarrassed and even afraid to smile or laugh.


The dentists in the SmileBC network think everyone deserves to smile. Together, they offer Invisalign and other dental services at a competitive price.

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Why SmileBC?

Times are changing. Many people are struggling to afford dental treatments, and turning to start-ups and DIY orthodontics. In a changing world, dentists need to change how we serve our patients and meet their needs.


We understand that your time and money is precious. By working together through the SmileBC network, our dentists share costs for advertising, education, and software. Through knowledge sharing, we ensure a consistent quality of care across the province.


By sharing resources, we are able to save the patient money, and bring quality service to community dental offices. We want to make quality dental care accessible.


Online consultations and digital results monitoring help patients save time, and get back to what’s important.


Our holistic approach means that we care about your oral health, and not just the 6 teeth that people can see.


We want to care for your overall health, and contribute to your wellness. We know that a healthy smile is more than just oral hygiene – it means laughing and smiling without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed. It is the foundation of good health.

Dentist in British Columbia

Our Values

SmileBC isn’t a dentist’s office. We’re a network of passionate dentists working together to constantly improve our practices, so we can provide the best care possible to patients.

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We aim to provide the best service possible to patients. By working together, we strive towards excellence in all parts of our practices. We are the best at what we do.


We strive to be on the cutting edge of dentistry, offering new treatments that improve quality of life for our patients. We stay up to date on trends and new developments in dentistry, using technology and online tools to better serve our patients. We dare to be different.

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Through Smile BC, our dentists, administrators, assistants, and managers all participate in ongoing training opportunities. As an innovative network of practitioners, we are constantly improving and finding new ways to serve our patients. We are growth-oriented.


SmileBC is an entire network. Because of our strong sense of community, we learn from each other, share treatment strategies, and support each other’s work. Because of our coordination, patients benefit from the expertise of dentists across BC, rather than just their local dentist. We are collaborative.



As dentists, we love what we do. We care about our patients, and we are passionate about improving their lives. We have a holistic approach to dentistry, and we are deeply invested in our patient’s smiles. We are passionate.


We don’t just value the community of dentists involved in SmileBC; we value the communities we are part of throughout the province. As dentists, we care about the health and wellness of our communities. We serve many communities across BC through our innovative network. We are community-minded.

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Amin Shirvani

Founder of SmileBC

DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery)


Amin is passionate about dentistry, having worked in the industry for almost two decades. He is a passionate and experienced dentist who always puts his patients first.


His passion lead him to found SmileBC, connecting patients with quality dentists in their community.

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